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LAST UPDATED: October 8, 2002

If you think a thread deserves to be added, Post a message in my Literature Index thread or Private Message wampa at the JC.

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Important Forum Policies

Attention All Literature Forum Patrons: Spoilers Guidelines
Spoiler Policy regarding Attack of the Clones is lifted.
Using Polls in the Forum - Please Read
*** What Every New Literature Forum Member Should Know *** (New to this forum? Look here first!)


Cloak of Deception
Cloak of Deception (Spoilers)

Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter

Rogue Planet
I think it's wizard or thoughts on Rogue Planet (speculation, small spoilers)
The Official Rogue Planet Discussion Thread

The Approaching Storm
The Approaching Storm Discussion (with AotC Spoilers)

Official SHATTERPOINT Thread (Shatterpoint spoilers, I hope)

Shadows of the Empire
Shadows of the Empire Fans Unite!

Tatooine Ghost
Troy Denning is writing another SW novel called Tatooine Ghost!
Tatooine Ghost at the Official Site

I, Jedi
I, Jedi discussion

Planet of Twilight
Planet of Twilight DOES NOT SUCK!

X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar
Official "Starfighters of Adumar" thread

The Crystal Star
Is "The Crystal Star" by Vonda N. McIntyre any good?

Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy
The hatred I feel for the Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy

Balance Point
Discuss BP with Kathy -- Spoilers Welcome

The New Jedi Order: Recovery: Now Available!

Edge of Victory I - Conquest
The Official Conquest discussion thread! (Conquest Spoilers)

Edge of Victory II - Rebirth
The Official Rebirth discussion thread! (Rebirth Spoilers)

Emissary of the Void
The OFFICIAL NJO: Emissary of the Void Discussion Thread! (EotV Spoilers)

Star by Star
Another SbS Query...
Bets on Who Will Die in SbS!
Discussion thread for Star by Star (Major Spoilers! Character deaths! No speculation in here.100% true.)
NOOOO!!! GhentZ's SBS death prediction--Possible Big Spoiler
A Question and Answer Session with Troy Denning (SbS spoilers)

Dark Journey
A closer look at DJ (spoilers)
Dark Journey Synopsis (spoilers)
Elaine Cunningham and Jaina Solo (DJ spoilers)
Everybody who's read "Dark Journey" discuss it here! (Dark Journey Spoilers)

Enemy Lines I - Rebel Dream
The JC Lit Reviews Special: Rebel Dream (RD Spoilers imminent)
Official Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream Thread (spoilers)
Spoilers for Rebel Dream & Rebel Stand

Enemy Lines II - Rebel Stand
The JC Lit Reviews Special: Rebel Stand (Spoilers for RS *only*)
Official Rebel Stand Discussion Thread (Rebel Stand, Traitor, Destiny's Way spoilers)

The JC Lit Reviews Special: TRAITOR (Spoilers)
NJO: Traitor excerpt (spoilers for the excerpt *only*)
Official Traitor thread (Possible spoilers)
Traitor cover...finally...and it wasn't worth the wait.

Destiny's Way
Destiny's Way cover!!!!
The JC Lit Reviews Special: DESTINY'S WAY (DW spoilers)
Official Destiny's Way Thread (Traitor, Destiny's Way Spoilers) (aka What do we know about Destiny's Way?)

The JC Lit Reviews Special: YLESIA (Ylesia and DW Spoilers)

Force Heretic
Force Heretic #1 at TOS (Possible spoilers)
Official Force Heretic I: Remnant Thread (Destiny's Way, Remnant spoilers)

The Unifying Force
HC5 title

Essential Guide to Aliens is now out
****The Official NEW ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO CHARACTERS by Dan Wallace Thread****
Red Sky, Blue Flame - "Official Discussion" Spoilers
Tales from the New Republic

Book News

Looks like Tatooine Ghost is just the beginning . . . (New Chewie book!)


Jedi vs. Sith #4
Jango Fett - Open Seasons (spoilers, but not AotC)
Open Seasons #2 Discussion (Spoilers)!
Jango Fett: Open Seasons #4 (spoilers!)
The Aurorient Express #1 (minor AotC spoilers)
Qui-gon and Obi-wan: The Aurorient Express #2 (spoilers!)
Darkness #2
Darkness #4
Stark Hyperspace War out today/tomorrow
Stark Hyperspace #2 (spoilers)
Stark Hyperspace #3 out today
Stark Hyperspace Wars #4 (spoilers!)
The Devaronian Version #2 Discussion (spoilers!)
Rite of Passage # 1 (spoilers!)
Rite of Passage #3 (spoilers)
Rite of Passage #4 (spoilers!)
The JC Lit Reviews Special: RITE OF PASSAGE
Jedi Quest #4
The new ongoing 'Republic #46' (Spoilers)
Jango Fett GN
Crossbones #2 (spoilers)
Crossbones #3 (spoilers)
Underworld #5 (or Why did I end up buying all 5 issues?) (Spoilers)
The OFFICIAL Star Wars: Empire discussion thread (aka Holy Shinoli! New Ongoing Comic!!!)
Empire #1 Discussion (spoilers!)
Thrawn Trilogy Graphic Novels: Better than the Books
The Dark Empire Trilogy Discussion Thread
Empire's End
Crimson Empire
Official Jedi Academy - Leviathan Thread

Infinities - A New Hope #3 (spoilers)
Infinities - A New Hope #4 (spoilers)
Infinities - The Empire Strikes Back #1

Star Wars Tales #9 *spoilers (if it's actually out! :p)*
Star Wars Tales #10
Star Wars Tales #11
Tales #13 Discussion (Spoilers!)

Tag and Bink are Dead #1 *spoilers*
Tag and Bink are Dead #2 (spoilers)

Comic News & Discussion

Ask DHC's Dave Land!
Dark Empire Revelations. Answer to the question: Why did the Empire make so many superweapons?
December Comics @ TOS! (Clone Wars!)
Empire's End - Rarest modern era comic?
The Fun of Marvel
The Hard-To-Find Comic Book List Thread
Tales Of The Jedi: Dark Horse & George Lucas
Who Wants Marvel Reprints?
Why the Marvel comics are an "official" part of the EU continuity

Young Adult Books

JA #14 (Spoilers!!!)
JA #15 *Spoilers*
JA 17: The Only Witness (spoilers, thoughts, etc.)
Jedi Apprentice Special Edition #1: Deceptions (Spoilers!!!)
Jedi Apprentice Special Edition #2

Jedi Quest #3 on TOS
TOS update. Jedi Quest: The Master of Disguise
Jedi Quest #5: The School of Fear

Star Wars: Boba Fett #1 by Terry Bisson
Boba Fett #2: Crossfire

General EU

Antagonists you Respect
As we all know Lucas loves to destroy the EU with his movies, what if....
The Atha Prime story arc (Genghis12, I could use your help)
The Best....
The Best of EU Quotes - What's Your Favorite??
Can some one tell me the order of Imperial Ranks?
The Chosen One prophecy and the Reborn Emperor
Corellian Jedi, truer to the old ways?
Disregarding what Lucas writes
Do you think Anakin and Tahiri will get married down the line? (Conquest spoilers)
Emperor's hand/s(?!)
Emperor Reborn and post ROTJ Siths
The Empire was a Good Thing
The Entire Galaxy
EU Debate, Revisited: GL's Vision of the SW Saga (NO BLASTERS!)
EU Debate : Star Wars Fans, Who Do You Follow...Yourself, Or Lucas?
Expanded Universe - The Final Battle
Han and Leia did not get married Twice!!
Has AOTC Damanged the EU? (Spoilers)
Has experiencing the life of the EU made you want to forget the prequels?
How long are SSDs in length?
How long are SSDs in width?
How powerful are Imperial star destroyers?
If Jaina & Jagged get married, Han & Wedge will be related!
Imperial Military/Government Ranking (help please)
In Del Rey we trust
Is the EU being destroyed by the PT???
Is there any preferable chronological order for the WEG adventure modules 1987-91?
It's official: Obi-Wan and Owen Lars are not brothers
Jango and the Mandalorians (It's all happening!...possible Episode II spoilers)
Kyle Katarn/Mara Jade torrid affair
Lines you'll never see in the Expanded Universe
Mara Jade and Shira Brie: Ripoff or Coincidence?
Memorable Moments From The Exapanded Universe
Missing Grand Admiral?
Name the _ONE_ Story You Want Told...
New to the EU
The newly improved and OFFICIAL School of Jedi Crashology and Jedi Smooshing
No explanation! No bashing! One vote! Just Name the Jedi You Like the Most.
Obi-Wan's brother?
**OFFICIAL: Attack of the Clones and the Expanded Universe Thread** Contains AotC SPOILERS!!
Official EU Limbo thread
The Official HoloNetNews DiscussionThread (aka = canon?)
The ***Official*** I have a Question about the EU thread
The Official "Most Emotional Death Scene" in the EU (spoilers?)
The Official "What do they look like?" Thread!
The original twelve (Rebel Dream spoiler included)
The Outbound Flight Project?
A question of Continuity: Who stole the Death Star Plans Bria Tharen or Kyle Katarn
Randomhouse now sells special collectors edition hardback editions of the star wars novels
Re: When authors can't be clever-or rants by yours truly
Redheads galore~
Saberfighting -- Force or skill?
Say hurray for Galaxies !!!
So...What did the Sith do for those 1000 years?
Spaarti Clone Cylinders in Episode II
Star Wars: Lostworlds
Super Star Destroyers
Surviving Super Star Destroyers
Tactical Geniuses
Things you won't hear in EU
Tim Zahn was onto a good thing...
Tired of Cliches?!
To the lit forum,Why are you all dissing the chiss!
TOS Question, Help Needed - "Terror From Beyond the Rim"
What is THE BEST EU line
What is the difference between a Dark Jedi and the Sith?
What is the length of a Super Star Destroyer?
What stories would you like to see in the Expanded Universe?
Who is the best Solo kid?
Why is the Empire so popular?
wussup wit ig-88?

Character Specific

Where did Callista go?

Kyp Durron
The development of Kyp Durron (Rebirth spoilers)
I am starting to support Kyp's faction . . .
Lets tear each other's heads off in a debate about Kyp Durron!!!

Keyan Farlander
Keyan Farlander?

Jagged Fel
Colonel Jagged Fel- Why all the negative sentiment?
Jag Fel's age in "Red Sky, Blue Flame"
To like Jag or not to like Jag? That is the question

Boba Fett
Jaster Mereel = Boba Fett???

Borsk Fey'lya
Alas poor Borsk Feylya I hated him well.(SxS spoilers)

Jodo Kast
New to the EU - Who is Jodo Kast?

Kyle Katarn
Kyle Katarn Books Discussion Thread (spoilers included)

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Did Obi-Wan die a virgin?

Darth Lumiya
Lumiya - the official story!

Mon Mothma
A death in SbS that not many seem to have noticed...

Luke Skywalker
SOS - Son Of Skywalker : You (the Fans) Are My Only Hope!! Save Me...

Mara Jade Skywalker
The Mara Experience
Why Mara Jade is the most hated character in the NJO.

Anakin Solo
Any speculation on if and how "Jimmy" will come back?
Can he still be alive??? (DJ spoilers)
Final Word on SbS Deaths… (spoilers)
For Anakin Solo fans only! (SBS & DJ spoilers)
He is dead (just say it) (SbS spoilers)
The Life and Times of Star by Star spoiler.
The OFFICIAL Anakin Solo thread: What a Jedi Knight Ought To Be II

Han Solo/Leia Organa Solo
TO LFL - Stop abusing Han and Leia's Romance!

Jacen Solo
Jacen Solo in Love

Jaina Solo
To the EU authors: Don't Impregnate Jaina Solo! [possible spoilers]
Who do you believe Jaina should end up with? Kyp, Zekk, Jag?

"Stupidity for all Occasions--The Quotable Trioculus"

Tahiri Veila
Oh my gosh! Tahiri is so hot!

Quinlan Vos
Which comics tell the story of Quinlan Vos?

Author Specific

Barbara Hambly ... Worst Star Wars author yet?
Discuss BP with Kathy -- Spoilers Welcome
Elaine Cunningham interview up
If you like Greg Keyes' Star Wars novels...
Kevin J. Anderson Is a Bad Writer
Michael Reaves has pitched an idea for another mutli-book series and Del Rey likes it!
Mike Stackpole's in trouble!"
My Man Zahn
News from Matt Stover; confirmation of second SW book.
NJO HC#5 Author Confirmed! James Luceno!
Official Troy Denning Star Wars Thread
Profuse Thanks from decloaking BDD, WEG, and NJO author -- Tyers
Purists and Completists take note - Zahn was on the money with the Clone Wars after all
A Question and Answer Session with Troy Denning (SbS spoilers)
Rumor: Tim Zahn Writing a New Star Wars Book?
Sean Williams & Shane Dix: Evergence
Stop Bashing Timothy Zahn
A thread for Genghis12 : What's good in the Timothy Zahn novels ?
Whats the best thing Kevin J Anderson has done for star wars?
Why has Zahn fallen out of favour?!


Bad news everyone. Infinities is spreading. To Dark Forces Novels and the Handbooks
A Big Continuity Fix...The Thrawn Trilogy and Dark Empire
Does anyone else not accept Splinter of the Mind's Eye as canon?
EU and the PT: What's the Big Deal?
EU is canon: Proof inside (Marvel stuff too)
From Yavin to Endor...Finding exact dating placements and a chronological order for the stories
Infinities Tales Comics stories that were later were inserted into Official Continuity
Intelligently Fitting The newer EU into Established Star Wars Continuity (Or How About a No-Prize)
Is the Muppet episode considered canon?
LFL's *official* views on "continuity" and "canon"...?
Lit Forum Project: Help with Timetales.
The Official HoloNetNews Discussion Thread (aka = canon?)
Star Wars EU-FULL INTEGRATION--Petition for the Publication of Star Wars: TimeTales
The Umpty-Seventh Rehash of a Not Quite Final Battle of Completists vs. Purists (aka Canon: The Last Word)
What is Canon?
What's the biggest continuity problem in the EU?
Why the Marvel comics are an "official" part of the EU continuity

New Jedi Order

Bob is going to die! (MAJOR SPOILER!)
Could the NJO be the SW equivalent of WWII's war in the Pacific? (spoilers and potential spoilers)
Dark Journey, who else is joining Jaina down this path? (Dark Journey spoilers)
Has Del-Rey Made A Serious Mistake?
How old are you and what is your opinion of the NJO?
How would the Vong use Coruscant?
Just people? (Conquest spoilers)
Just what was the Vong advanced force after at Zonama Sekot
Let's Start a "Jedi Count"
NJO Resolutions
Notice to the Literature Forum: In the NJO…
Reflection after NJO year #3: Jedi Council Candidates
Return of the Sith (NJO speculation)
The Secret of the Vong (Spoilers? Key to the NJO?)
Sernpidal's mayor (spoilers)?
Star by Star and Dark Journey Japanese covers?
Tired of NJO
Ultimate IR (A list about the IR from the time of the NR Peace Treaty to the NJO)
Where Are Captain EO, Hooter, Fuzzball, Major & Minor Domo in the NJO!?!
Who is your favorite character introduced in the NJO?
Who would you like to see write NJO Hardcover #5?
Will You Be Disappointed With Greg Keyes NJO Novel If Anakin Solo Doesn't Make His Return?
Would faking Thrawn's comeback again scare the Vong????
You know what line pisses me off in SbS?

Insider/Gamer/RPG Sourcebooks

Gamer #5 stuff @ TOS!!!
Gamer #7
I Finally got Gamer #8, INCREDIBLE!!!! Check it out!!
Gamer # 10...Heading your way
The New Jedi Order Sourcebook

Literature Forum Projects

Battle of Geonosis: Jedi Survivors
The Clone Wars Dossier Project ( Warning - Episode II spoilers! )
The complete or not so complete list of LIVE ROGUE and WRAITH members.
Complete Listing of Pilots in Rogue and Wraith Squadrons in EU
Jedi Purge Survivors: The List
The Hard-To-Find Comic Book List Thread
The (hopefully) Complete List of Destroyed Planets/Stars/Moons
Imperial Warlords
Infinities Tales Comics stories that were later were inserted into Official Continuity
Jedi Knights and their lightsabers...list 'em all!
Let's Start a "Jedi Count"
List of all known Black Sun members
List of all of Jabba's employees
List of all the members and/of the Bounty Hunter Guilds
List the SSD's!
Lit Forum Project: Help with Timetales.
Lit Forum Project: What should I read?
Literature Project - Expanded Universe Frequently Asked Questions
New Literature Index!!!
The original twelve (Rebel Dream spoiler included)
Star Wars: Lostworlds
Star Wars: Otherworlds (Literature Project)
Unknown Regions Compendium
Ultimate IR (A list about the IR from the time of the NR Peace Treaty to the NJO)
Ultimate Star Wars Book List
The Unofficial and Parody Comics List Thread

Discussion Concerning the JC Forums

Character vs. Character Threads

Expanded Universe Pictures


Actors for the EU
Celebration II - Literature Events
Dating a SW Character
DL - Oh Crap, the Trolls WERE Right... Star Wars IS a train.
EU Character Underwear Discussion version 2.0
Explain Your Handle
The Genghis
How much better than Star Trek is Star Wars?
How old are EU readers?"
How old is everyone here?
Looking for some Epic Fantasy
Moments in EU you wanted to smack a character
Name a EU character and name an actor or actress that could play them
Off Topic: Dispelling the Star Wars Geek stereotype- What do you do in your free time?
***** Official Reactions To Attack of the Clones Thread (Spoilers Allowed!) *****
Shall we torture The Gatherer for information? (poll)
Star Wars Literature Trivia! From West End Games, to the New Jedi Order! Ongoing!
The Ultimate Survey / List - Your favorites and more about you
What are you reading right now? (January 2001 to April 2001)
What are you reading now? (March 2001 to June 2002)
What are you reading now ? ( Version 4.20 ) (June 2002 to present)
What are your hopes for the EU in the New Year?
What do Star Wars characters sing in the shower?
Where in the Galaxy are Borsk Fey'lya's drones??!!
Which novel series do you think has the most readers? (poll)
Who are you?
Would you burn a SW book to survive?
You know you're addicted to Star Wars when...

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